When we lose someone we love, we never move on, we move forward.
We learn to take small steps. When we fall down, we struggle to get up
and then move forward again.

We are not the person we once were. We are forever changed and it takes time to know and understand this new person with patience and empathy and self love.

There are many new qualities that grieving brings out in each of us. For me, it was the spiritual person I have become. I am more compassionate and a better listener. There are many new challenges that I have had to face…my vulnerability, fear, making responsible choices for myself and my family. There are things I have done since my loss that I never thought I could do. And there are things that I have learned to enjoy in this unexpected and unwanted life that I could never have imagined.

If you ask yourself these questions, you might find and embrace the new you—

What new qualities has grieving brought out in you?
What new challenges have you had to face?
What have you done since your loss that you never thought you could do?
What have you learned to enjoy in this unexpected and unwanted life?

Embracing each of you, I wish you peace,