Art Workshops

Art Workshops

Loss and healing through the use of the creative arts:
Art, music, theater, film, writing and storytelling.

As long as humans have been around, they have used the arts to communicate, to celebrate life and to heal or, at the very least, to document and survive loss. The arts offer a sense of power and control over events and feelings that seem to sweep us away like a tidal wave and swallow us up whole. Loss can be so devastating at times that all that is left feels like a barren wasteland. The arts offer us a vehicle with which to grieve from the inside out, without inflicting more pain than we are ready for. The arts offer us some sense of power when we are feeling most impotent, an attempt at defying death’s apparent permanence.

The creative arts allow those lost and those left behind to make a mark and to show the world that our loved one was and is a part of our lives – of us forever.

And, so we continue in a world that doesn’t see fit to attach a word to identify those that have experienced that unspeakable loss. The arts have always given us the means and the voice to scream out, to show, to demonstrate, to validate our scars, to prove to all that can bare to turn your way, to acknowledge, to listen that that baby, child, person existed and continues on, not only in our hearts, minds and souls , but in our images and expressions for all to see and witness.

If I perish do not let my pictures die; show them to the public.

– Felix Nussbaum 1904-1944

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