As this New Year begins, people around us are setting their resolutions. We are all familiar with the usual resolutions to exercise more, lose weight, stop procrastinating, etc. But for those of us who are grieving, these resolutions may feel less important. The idea of getting through each new day, this year’s anniversaries and other grief triggering events can seem overwhelming. But there are some resolutions that can help to get through the difficult times. Here are some suggestions, but remember that as unique as your love is, so is your grief, and so will your resolutions be, too.

  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthfully
  • Engage in physical activity, walking or exercise, whatever it takes to get your body moving.
  • Make time for your grief and yourself. Sometimes you may need to slow down and pay respect to your feelings.
  • The best New Year’s resolution you can grant yourself is the resolution of hope. Have hope that the New Year will bring challenges that will turn into growth. Have hope that you can be patient with yourself and your grief, while trusting that the pain will lessen as the love deepens.

Grieving is a unique process. Finding what suits you best may take some time. If one resolution doesn’t work, don’t stop searching for what makes the process a little easier. As time continues, the grief does not go away. Instead, we learn how to live with the loss by learning how to cope with our feelings. Our loved ones who have passed away will always remain in our hearts surrounded by love that we have once shared.