A Note from the Camp Erin NYC Clinical Director

Our recent 11th Camp Erin NYC weekend exemplified how Camp Erin NYC has always been an amazing, emotional, and restorative weekend for our campers and their families.  This year was particularly wonderful as we were able to have a full weekend program after two years of COVID restrictions.

It is difficult to describe how transformative the experience is for so many of our campers. Many are reluctant to come to camp but do so with a nudge from their families. They arrive at camp nervous and uncomfortable, yet within an hour or so, become engaged and interactive. They, very quickly, get comfortable with their bunkmates and staff and participate in conversations about their loss. As kids, they need little encouragement to participate in fun activities, often challenging themselves with skills never yet tried.

As the Clinical Director, I have the opportunity to meet all campers and families before the weekend.  The contrast between having these initial nervous meetings, and then seeing our campers connect with one another, participate in activities, and address their grief, is incredibly heartwarming.  I can say, without hesitation, that this experience year after year, has been the most rewarding in my long career as a psychologist. 

So it is with a heavy heart that I have announced that I will step down from my position as Clinical Director of Camp Erin NYC.  While I am stepping down, I am not stepping away.  I will remain in our camp family, and resume my initial role as a Grief Chief….which I did the first 3 years we held Camp Erin NYC!   

I am thankful for these 8 years as Clinical Director, for the relationships I have enjoyed with an amazing staff of volunteers, and mostly, for my partnership with Ann Fuchs, our Camp Director.  Ann and I met working at a day camp, about a century ago, and I can’t imagine having done this work with  a better partner. 

So, to all the incredible COPE/Camp Erin NYC staff, families, and volunteers, I want to thank you for making this experience a treasure I will always cherish.  It has been my honor to work with all of you, and I appreciate all your support, friendship, and love.

Always the best,

Jamie Greene

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