For my beloved daughter Mary Eleni Lazarus, from Eleni Lazarus


How is it possible that you are not here Mary?


Your beautiful smile that lit up the world,

Your unconditional love, kindness, gentleness, compassion, humor, wit, dignity, honor,

and beauty; you always gave to all of us.

A whole way of life now gone forever, A whole way of life never to be known again.

Another day passes without hearing the sound of your voice, without hearing your words of love,

without kissing you, without seeing your beautiful face, without the comfort of your tender embrace.

No more chances to hold you, sweet child of mine and to never let you go.

There are no words for the excruciating never-ending pain, timeless sorrow, longing, and the

sadness of the brevity of your beautiful life,

Your Unfinished life Mary,

I can only imagine what you would have accomplished had you been given the opportunity

to fulfill your hopes and dreams, and to have found your Bliss in life.

Your beautiful heart and soul meant to grow older than mine.

Is it possible that there is a deed worthy enough, price high enough, a sacrifice great

enough, to have you here for one more moment, one more breath, one more warm touch.

I carry you in my heart and always sense your closeness Mary–

It is as though we have become “ONE”

Only to realize again and again and again,

There is no “One” – you are gone and I am – Forevermore Forever Less…


I love you Lambie… Bunches and Bunches and Miles and Miles