In loving memory of Jonathan Chalos

By Suzanne Cotromano


Soon it will be two years to the day

and I still can not believe

One day I came home to find

that you had passed away


My child, my son,

you were the most important one to me

and I don’t think I will ever learn

how to set you free


Everyday I look for signs and ways

to know that you are there

glimpses of you from the corner of my eye

and pennies everywhere…


Can a bond that was so strong

be broken with one gone

for this much I know is

that love must go on


The only comfort that I have

is knowing that you must be

somewhere up above

where you are so happy


It’s written in the heavens

God’s plan for us all

that each and everyone

someday He will call


Though I want to rush my time

because it seems to be

a life that’s filled with sorrow

is what’s cut out for me


Instead I will count the days

until my time has come

and I can finally be reunited

with my beloved son.