August 23, 2013 – Jeffrey Zukerman Remembered by Claire Zukerman-Leinheardt


How could it be that thirty years have passed? Jeffrey was the first-born child, the first-born grandchild, the older brother, the first nephew, the cousin and the friend to many, especially Austin, Jordan and Jeffrey Schneider. As this day approaches, my heart and mind try to remember all the happy memories and the funny stories. But I must admit, my heart still aches for all the “might-have-beens” in our family life.


Jeffrey, also known as “Zukie” was funny and smart. He loved skiing and street hockey and wrestling….(many times with Steven). He helped and encouraged Amy, as well as several of his friends, to succeed in their goals. He loved his family and his friends.


On October 10, 2013 Jeffrey would have been turning fifty years old. I think of the family that he would have had, the relationships as a husband, father and as an uncle to his beautiful nieces.

Maybe you will spend a few moments and think of Jeffrey and any of your memories. If you would share them with me, it would make me happy. It was suggested that we might do a kind or thoughtful act in his memory or just spend a few moments and think of him and the time that you shared together.


Thank you for thinking about him and loving him.


Helena Zelmanovich for Julia

Letter to Julia.


Sometimes a single event turns out to change things so profoundly.

On August 18, 1998 , 15 years ago, you were taken from us in a blink of an eye

You were so excited to have the vacation in the country you loved the most, the places of your childhood, to see your friends you grew up with.

We did not know that this is your last vacation, we will never see you,hug you or talk to you again.


You will stay forever on the top of the hill in the kibbutz you loved so much.

There isn’t a day , a moment that I don’t think about you.

You were such a beautiful, strong and amazing person, you were my rock, my firstborn, my friend.


Life never will be the same without you.

I love you and miss you so..much,


Your Ima.


Deb Firak Shares Songs for her son Jeff

Thank you so much for your invitation to share about my son, Jeff. I seem to be able to channel my grief with music and singing, and have written a couple songs about the heartache. I recorded “Angel Town,” which was inspired by a Compassionate Friends chat, wherein we (parents) decided that we live in a place called Angeltown.


I just finished a new one (that’s very “bluegrass”), that’s called: “Mourning Dove”, which I’ll send along when it’s finished. It’s more general, but I think all of us who’ve lost a child can relate (and hopefully get some comfort from it).

With care,

Deb Firak