From John Mancuso


Dear Jarrad,


I didn’t know that two years could take this long to go by. It’s been some time since I’ve seen your smile and we spoke face to face.


I know you hear me when I speak to you almost every day now. You hear me tell you how pissed I am that you left me and what a waste it was. Maybe that’s selfish on my part, I don’t know. I try to understand your reason for doing what you did and every day I get closer to being able to forgive.


It’s only in my belief that you were a gentle soul with a soft heart who was in anguish and pain, that you are now free from. That belief allows me to bear my own pain and go on. Each day, I am able to forgive (you), my broken heart, believing that you will forgive all the mistakes I’ve made as a father.


In my mind, I will always hear Rod Stewart sing “Forever Young” and sharing it with you.


Someone once told me that “only by embracing our mortality can we be happy in the time we have left.” I’m sure you know that I’m doing the best I can.


I have kept my last promise to you and we are both happier for it. I’m sure – you in your place and me in mine.


Please never stop coming to visit me, your wings are always as beautiful as your heart was.

Your loving father,