“Awaken Your Senses” by Christine Cherpak


Dear Fellow Grieving Siblings,


Welcome June! Welcome sunshine! The boat is docked and I welcome you aboard.

Your grieving hearts may lead you to believe that you are walking around blindfolded, captured by pirates. But my wish is for you to rattle this feeling. Untie the handkerchief with your own free hands. Your Rx is simple: Relax out in the sun (only a healthy dose of the purest Vitamin D, of course!); the gentle rock and sound of waves will sing you a lullaby that will continue to play in every cell of your body long after your rest.


Amidst your everyday hurt or happiness, fear or courage, this inner melody will sustain you with peace. You see, the anchoring chain is composed of links, not locks. Each link connects you to your beloved sibling in a manner that is life giving: You each hold an end of the linked chain. Although your sailboat may appear to be docked, I assure you that you are sailing the vast sea of your heart. Catch the breeze to see the sea!


Please let me know if you have any suggestions and/or comments. And do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of any assistance. Also, consider submitting your own work of art as a feature for one of our monthly pieces. Establishing a memorial foundation in honor of your loved one is also a work of creation. If you would like your organization to be highlighted be sure to provide us with the details!


Happy Father’s Day to all of our dear fathers!