“Awaken Your Senses” by Christine Cherpak


Dear Fellow Grieving Siblings,


As we begin to notice the echoes of summer, let us be ever aware of the time of seasonal transition. Many find transition uncomfortable and rush to jump from the beginning to the end. However, transition is the source of growth. Through the trials and uncertainty that arise, we are forced to remain humble and imaginative in our child-like state. Learning by trial-and-error, we develop new strengths. Healing is found within transition. Rather than looking toward the finished product, relish the glory of being amidst the transition.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions and/or comments. And do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of any assistance. Also, consider submitting your own work of art as a feature for one of our monthly pieces. Establishing a memorial foundation in honor of your loved one is also a work of creation. If you would like your organization to be highlighted be sure to provide us with the details! I wish you a blessed September.






After reading this meditation, I hope you take time to discover the beauty inherent within the seed of the transition you are now experiencing. Each seed germinates at a different rate. Remain present to notice the graceful transformations that are occurring within, despite the absence of visible changes. Growth is achieved and truth revealed only when one is attentive to the smallness that lies between the alpha and the omega.

“Have patience and persevere in the holy exercise of meditation: Be content to begin with small steps till you have legs to run, better still wings to fly. Be content to be obedient, which is never a small thing for a soul which has chosen God for its portion. And be resigned to be, for the present, a little bee in the hive which will soon become a large bee capable of making honey.”                       ~ St. Padre Pio