COPE Telehealth Support

COPE is taking all proactive and necessary steps to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among the families we serve, our staff, volunteers and community partners.

All groups will now be held on safe, secure telephone conference lines . We will also be able to have some group meetings through safe, secure video conferences. All of this will allow us to stay connected to each other.

Our support group facilitators will be in contact with group members to coordinate meetings. An important note:for everyone’s protection, support group members will need to sign and return a short consent form before participating in our telehealth groups. Facilitators will coordinate with members to sign and return the form. Once you return a signed consent form, your group facilitator will provide you with the phone number and pass code you will need to access the group meeting.

As always, all new, first-time attendees must first contact COPE by phone at 516-274-0540 or by email at:

Due to New York State Licensing laws, we can only register NYS residents for telehealth and support groups. We will continue to offer families our COPE Line – a free resource for grieving individuals with an immediate need for support.

Our COPE Line Volunteers are trained to respond to each caller personally by providing resources, referrals, and information or simply offering emotional support. The COPE Line details are:

COPE Line – (516) 364-COPE (2673)
Monday – Friday, 9am-9pm
Saturday – Sunday, 10am-3pm

Learn more here:

And of course, we continue to offer many grief and healing resources online here at our website at: