Finding light in the darkness

Hanukah and Christmas are holidays of lights that come at the darkest time of the year. It’s not easy for some of us to find even a glimmer of light through the darkness of our grief.

Lights are messages of hope and often flicker after the passing of someone we love. I began to associate the flickering light with my daughter after her passing, and interpreted it as a message of love and a sign of our connection.

When we lose someone we love, the essence of their soul lives forever inside of us.

During the winter, when it’s so easy to stay inside and isolate, take the opportunity to go within and find the lights of love and memory that are forever there for you. Like the sun on a cloudy day, you can’t always see what’s hidden by your grief.

Make an intention for the New Year to do the things that your loved one loved to do.  Do it for yourself and share it with others, AND do them as often as you can.

When the clouds are blocking all the light, the sun is always there. The secret of being lives in the moment you break through your own clouds, to bring light and love into your life.

COPE President and Founder