Father’s Day

My heart is filled with gratitude for the father of my children.
He made me a mother.
My husband Robert is no longer physically with us but he is everywhere. His energy is in the air I breathe. I called him “B” for Bob and every now and then he sends me a bee to let me know he’s there.

We grieved very differently. I was very spiritual and he wanted to hear nothing of it. Although, after he passed, I found a form for jury duty tucked between the pages of his book. He had filled in the ages of our children. Next to Michelle he had written “eternal”.

I see him in my children. I see him in my grandchildren. His unconditional love is always felt.

A father is always a father. His children are always his children. Happy Fathers Day, Dad. Happy Father’s Day “B”.

Thinking of fathers and children everywhere.