For some people grief steals your appetite. For others it offers comfort for an insatiable hunger. What role does food play in your grief? Are there helpful and unhelpful ways to use food in your grief process? Yes and yes. Often we equate food and love. So when you are grieving, others who care for you may try to feed you. This can be helpful if grief has stolen your appetite; take their help and try to eat well. It is important to remember that you need to replenish yourself as best as you can to bolster your strength both physically and emotionally.

Food can offer comfort beyond the physical realm. You may have shared many experiences involving the preparation of, shopping for or sharing of food and taste experiences – these can trigger memories which can be both positive and negative. The smells, tastes and textures can help bring comforting memories. But, because all grief is unique, it is important to be mindful of what memories you may activate and try to focus on the foods that will bring you comfort. Sometimes it takes trial and error to identify what will trigger good memories for you. And once you do find which foods give you comfort and good memories, you may want to think about how personal and private they are, or if you want to share them with other friends or family. And finally, those foods that do not bring you comfort now, may surprise you next year by offering comfort, so experimentation and repetition are good strategies.