For Clergy & Mental Health Professionals

COPE understands the challenges you, members of the clergy, face in your profession as you attempt to provide support to families living with the loss of a loved one. As our members can attest, there is no loss that can be compared to the loss of a child, or even of a beloved sibling. Dealing with this kind of grief can be tricky; it is often difficult to know the right things to say, or the most useful things to do in order to provide support to these grieving families.

That is why COPE sponsored a new program this year exclusively geared towards your needs as clergy, a Clergy Forum facilitated not only by professional therapists, but also by our members themselves, parents who have experienced firsthand the type of grief you often deal with in your role as counselor.

Our Clergy Forum was held on Wednesday, April 9, 2008 at the Chelsea Facility of Nassau Hall in Muttontown, New York, COPE’s temporary home.


  • Learned the most helpful and most harmful comments to make to the grieving parent,
  • Had the opportunity to speak directly with parents who have lost loved ones and find out more about the experience of this profound loss, and
  • Shared insights they have learned with fellow attendees, allowing COPE to draw from clergy’s expertise.

For more specific information on what was discussed at this very important event, please click on one of the articles in this section.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with COPE’s Executive Director and/or one of COPE’s founders, please contact Karen Flyer at or 516-484-4993. COPE would be happy to present these learnings to groups of clergy upon request.