Grief Quest

Grief Quest, by COPE Founder Lillian Julien



Grief Quest has been named an Award-Winning Finalist in two categories of the 2012 USA Best Book Awards: “Health: Death & Dying” and “Self Help: Journaling”

In the agony and inconsolable grief of losing a child, we find ourselves asking questions we’ve never asked before…

When we say we’ve “lost” our child, the truth is we’re lost. The world as we’ve known it no longer exists. The right questions are like a trail in the wilderness that can lead us out of the darkness toward the light of a new life that is forever changed.

Grief Quest utilizes a unique question-based L.O.V.E process –

L – Love your memories
O – Open to your grief
V – Value the gifts
E – Embrace your life

The questions in Grief Quest will help you memorialize your child. The simple act of recording your memories is a tribute to the love and life you shared.

If you embark on this Grief Quest you’ll get to know yourself and your relationship with your child on a deeper level than you thought possible.

Lilly Julien and I.J. Weinstock created Grief Quest out of their experience with love, loss and grief. Julien is the founder and president of COPE, the grief foundation she created in memory of her daughter that supports families in the New York area who’ve lost a child.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward funding COPE.

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