Those of us living with the loss of a child are often left to deal with our pain alone. Having experienced profound loss ourselves, COPE members understand the pain, frustration, and isolation those in mourning often experience.

COPE connects individuals who have experienced similar losses by offering ongoing emotional support, spiritual and therapeutic programs, as well as appropriate resources and referrals. By providing help and support, we enable grieving individuals to find strength from within to face the difficult journey that lies ahead.

COPE offers a number of programs and tools designed to help parents and families dealing with the loss of a child to live, as well as to grieve. In addition to our monthly bereavement support groups for parents and siblings, COPE offers art and movement therapy programs as well as special events for our members, such as alternative healing workshops, guest speakers and other inspirational programs. COPE also reaches out to bereaved families with monthly newsletters, member-to-member support (our informal “buddy system”) and other personal communication. As a COPE member, you can take advantage of some, or all, of our programs, which are, with rare exception, free of charge and have no prescribed time limit on their duration.

If there is anything else COPE can do to provide you with support, please do not hesitate to contact us at