At the darkest time of the year we need light to find our way.

During this time I am reminded of a dream in which I was walking and not watching where I was going and fell down a manhole. I landed on my feet and was picking up stones and pebbles and throwing them up at the grates trying to get the attention of those passing by. Much like my dream, there’s a story I once read—The Hole in the Sidewalk. Each day a person walks the same path. At first, not noticing the hole in the sidewalk, he almost falls in. Then becoming more aware that it’s there, he begins walking around it. Until suddenly, one day, he takes a different path.

Holidays and grief are our darkest days. It’s easy to fall into a dark hole. It’s interesting that Hanukah and Christmas are holidays of lights. Yet, when we need light the most, many of us isolate rather than reaching out to others for support. Some of us simply go through the motions. And some find a different way, discovering what will be the easiest way for them to navigate their way through the holidays.

We all need to find our own spark, to ignite the weakest flame still burning inside us. The energy of love is our eternal inner light that forever connects us to the lives of our children, siblings, and loved ones. What are some of the things he or she loved? The simple act of speaking or recording your memories and remembering is a tribute to the love, life and relationship you shared.

Wishing you light and love through the holidays and into the new year…