With June approaching, we anticipate the warmth of summer and also Father’s Day.

I think about my husband and the wonderful father he was to my children. After he passed, I often visited the cemetery on Mother’s day and Father’s Day to thank him for making me a mother. I continue to thank him for our beautiful children.

After Michelle passed, we grieved differently even though we shared the same love and loss. I often heard people asking him how I was doing. I remember thinking why aren’t they asking him how he’s doing. I was very grateful when he found support from the friendships we made through COPE.

While writing this newsletter I dreamt about a bee. Bees are very symbolic for me since my husband’s name was BJ and I called him B. In the dream I was told “You can look at the bee with either love or fear.”

I believe the bee was a metaphor and a message about Father’s Day.

Father’s Day honors your relationship with your child and your relationship with your father…forever more challenging when they are no longer here. Embrace the day through the love and life you shared. That love is always there with you. As long as there is love there is a relationship to cherish and celebrate. Love is the connecting thread.

To quote Vice President Joe Biden, a bereaved father, in his letter to COPE that appears in our Golf Outing journal, “In times of grief, there’s an Irish headstone I often like to quote. It reads: ‘Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal’.”

Sending warm & loving thoughts,