This poem was written by COPE Parent Sandi Bloomberg in memory of her son Michael.

Give me a Sign

Visit me Son

In the middle of the night

Or perhaps in the bright of day

Please let me know your presence

Somehow, sometime, someway


Since you’re gone

There’s a hole in my heart

That I know will never heal

Your smile, your hugs, your gentle touch

I can no longer feel


My sweet handsome boy

How I miss you so

And dream of you each night

Life goes on for sure my dear

But never will seem right


There isn’t a place, a person or thing

That doesn’t remind me of you

I think of you every second

This is all I do


So please my Son

Let me know you’re near

Give me a sign some way

Flicker a light, kiss my cheek with a breeze

Whisper to me when I pray


I’ve been finding many pennies

Could they be from you?

They say found pennies are from Heaven

I believe this to be true

I love you Son, I miss you Son

Just any sign will do