Mother’s day is one of those days when we have to dig deep for whatever gets us through.

For many, the answers lie within. We have more control when we rely on ourselves. When we look to others, they often fall short of our expectations.

Our attitude and choices are all that we can really control.

Emotions change from one day to the next. When the actual day arrives, either give yourself permission to have the best day you can or choose to give yourself permission to just be sad and embrace the sorrow. Whatever you choose is okay. You have permission to be where you are.

Quite honestly, I don’t know how I will be this Mother’s Day since it will be an especially provocative one. On that Sunday morning I will be in Manhattan receiving a prestigious award on behalf of COPE-Camp Erin® NYC. How ironic that on Mother’s Day I will be recognized for having survived a mother’s worst nightmare and for the legacy my loss helped to create. I don’t know whether I’ll embrace my loss or my pride. But I will try to take my own advice and give myself permission to be in the moment.

Wishing you whatever you need to embrace your loss and your love.