Where did the 20 years go?

Sean P. Russo October 11, 1971 to April 26, 2011

I would like to share this poem with the moms out there who are hurting on the loss of their child. – Genia Salitra Belkin

Cope Gives Us Hope.

A Special Sign

Search for a rainbow

Search for that bright star

Search for that beautiful butterfly

So close yet so far.

My son will send me a sign

That will look me right in the eye

That will be your special way of saying

Mom, it’s me, Please don’t cry.

And then I’ll hear your favorite song by

Prince on the radio or I’ll remember something

Special just the two of us would do.

It’s not a dream, its really true

So I’ll be waiting for my sign that you’re

Working so hard for me to see.

I will never stop believing because

I can hear your voice saying

Mom, I’m here. It’s really me.



My son Tom passed when he was 38.  His birthday is April 21st and he would have been 44 years old.  To make matters harder to deal with I buried him on my birthday almost 6 years ago.  My birthdays are no longer happy and I am not the same person I was when he was alive.  Somehow someway in this “new” smile that drapes my face, I am trying to find happiness behind it.

I know this I can share with all of you.

He looked a little like Rob Lowe but was better looking then the actor and brilliant. He redesigned the tracks for the LIRR and then went upstairs and taught the programmers how to use his program. He also rewrote the program for the Israeli transit system– he wrote the programs for the programmers.  He was a Hofstra graduate and after Hofstra went to Farmingdale to learn how to be a programmer when no one knew what a programmer was – graduated with a 4.0 and they asked him to teach at Farmingdale.  He did subsequently teach programming in Texas. He was instrumental in inventing Win-TV many years ago.  He was a quiet humble yet funny guy.  Just don’t bring in religion or politics – he always won the argument…Thank you for allowing me to reminisce about my wonderful days with my Tom.  He was my middle son.  We all feel the loss of such a great man.

Thank you,

Janet Shavel



Our son Michael Scarabino was 16 when he lost his sister, our precious daughter Jaclyn Scarabino, four years ago this July 13th from a heroin overdose. She was only 24. His older brother Ricky played guitar and that piqued Michael’s interest. Between his sister’s love for music and his brother’s influence, he taught himself how to play the guitar, piano and to read/write music. Not long after losing his sister, he started writing songs, it was cathartic for him. He built an electric guitar naming it “Glitter Angel” for Jaclyn. He copyrighted a total of six songs that he wrote, sings and plays guitar and piano, and reflect his emotions during his grieving. He then went on to network with others, found a drummer and bassist, and production company that helped him produce a CD named “Unreckoned Reality” by Scarabino. The CD came out this week and is available on iTunes. He did this all on his own, we are so proud of our son.

This is what he wrote on Facebook when he launched the CD this week:

Unreckoned Reality is available now, happy release day everyone! I’d like to take this moment to say that there are so many people to thank. We say that it “takes a village to raise a child.” I believe that it takes a village to make a vision come to life. It took years of practice and dedication to get to this level, and it took a team of engineers, managers, creatives, and supporters to allow this record to be created. I thank you all who have supported me so far, however I will only mention one name in this post. This record is dedicated to my sister Jaclyn, who we lost 4 years ago, she is the reason for whom I have become, and a big part of the mood set in some songs. With Jaclyn in my heart and mind forever, I plan on taking these songs to the stage to express the attitude and words that cannot be simply spoken, and throw out every ounce of enthusiasm and energy that everyone wants to feel during a show.

I hope you enjoy Unreckoned Reality and rock out to it as much as I do, and before you know it, we’ll be tearing venues apart together. Thank you and see you all soon!

Click here to purchase the CD.