A Story of Synchronicity
This past month, in our COPE spirituality circle, we discussed how our thoughts of those we love on the Other Side can actually draw their spirit close to us.

The weekend following our circle, I went to a spa and planned two energy treatments rather than my usual massage. I was hoping I would receive a sign from my daughter, Michelle. You can imagine my disappointment when, during and after these two treatments, I experienced nothing.

That evening I attended a presentation on Raising Your Vibrational Energy with the use of tuning forks.
A woman who attended shared the experience she’d had earlier that day in a private session with the presenter. She described a vision she had of her daughter, Tess. What’s even more amazing was that it was on the date of her daughter’s passing.

After the presentation, I walked up to her. I related my own personal story of loss and told her about COPE. Ironically, she had also started a grief center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We hugged and exchanged numbers and emails.

The next day I received an email from her in which she said, “After the vibrational energy work, my brain was so altered I even forgot to tell you that COPE was the model upon which we founded The Tristesse Grief Center. And to meet its founder in such a wondrous way is indeed magical.”

What are the odds?! Meeting another bereaved parent from Tulsa, Oklahoma, at a spa 3 hours from my home, who had modeled her grief center after COPE!

I could only marvel at this incredible synchronicity of our meeting. I had no doubt that it was orchestrated by our daughters. I had asked for a sign. It was not one I would have ever expected, but indeed it was a sign of Michelle’s presence.

As we enter into November and the beginning of the holiday season, remember that our loved ones are only a breath away. If you ask them for a sign, keep in mind it may not come to you in the way you expect. Be open to receiving whatever comes and always thank them for their efforts to reach you.

Wishing you blessings of comfort.