Dear COPE Families,

The Exciting Evolution of Camp Erin NYC and the COPE Parent Retreat…
Having just returned from Camp Erin NYC, a program of COPE, I wanted to share how it has evolved. Just a few weeks ago, 53 children who were grieving the loss of a sibling, parent, or someone close to them experienced a free weekend at our bereavement camp. This year, for the first time, 23 of their parents had an opportunity to retreat on the other side of the lake.

Without the distraction of their children, those who attended the COPE Parent Retreat had the chance to focus on themselves. When one loses a loved one, they lose a piece of themselves. The theme of the weekend was finding yourself and the tools to live a life that has dramatically changed. The program mirrored the children’s program with candle lighting, memory board, and circle times to speak about their grief, as well as free time to exercise, swim, engage in art therapy, and experience reiki.

Since the inception of Camp Erin NYC, I have recognized that if a parent is nurtured in their grief, they have more to give to their children. After a weekend of sharing and support from each other, they bonded like their children on the other side of the lake, feeling less alone in their grief and leaving a little bit lighter and restored.

The challenge is holding on to that support.

COPE is offering a teen group and younger child support group beginning in October.

Children often fall through the cracks and are at greater risk if their grief is not addressed and supported.
COPE’s goal is to address the needs of your entire family. Please let us know how we can better help you help your children.
Hope to see you this Sunday, Sept. 27th, on Long Beach Boardwalk, as we walk in memory of our children, siblings and loved ones, holding everyone we love in our hearts…