The 14th Annual COPE Walk was an inspiring day of renewed energy and connection.  It was one of those perfect, blue sky, bittersweet days, surrounded by approximately 400 loving, supportive friends and family.

There was comfort in walking with others to remember our loved ones. Connected through family and friends, we were supported emotionally. Finding spiritual support is more challenging. Many of us look for signs in order to feel that connection with those we love who have passed.

A sign is just what I found when looking at the photographs taken at the Walk.  You can imagine my surprise to see in the photos, what appear to be orbs* in the sky!

When you look at the pictures (#37-40), view them on the computer and blow them up. In the sky you will see circles of love and rainbows of shooting light. I believe these are signs of our loved ones and their powerful energy! Their beautiful spirits surround us as they find ways to let us know that they’re okay. There is strength in their signs. And in their messages there is hope.

Hope exists in all that we cannot see, just as we cannot see what lies beyond the horizon and across the sky. In the physical, we are limited by our vision. In soul, we are limitless. There is no time, space, or separation. Our souls are bound in eternal life.

We can choose our path and the words that give us comfort. We can choose to live a soulful life where love is infinite and life is eternal. As we transition into another season and holidays, I wish you the spiritual connection to find peace.


*”Orbs are curious translucent circles (usually white) that appear unexpectedly in your photos. Some people believe they are proof of guardian angels captured on camera. When these “spirit orbs” appear in a photo it is a sign that angels are hovering nearby and the location is particularly blessed with goodness, positive energy and protection.”