“Every sinking into despair has within it an energy to move us higher.”

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Only in retrospect can I understand this quote. In the immediate aftermath of losing my daughter, all I was able to see or feel was unbearable, overwhelming sadness.

I had little or no “energy to move higher” and all I could anticipate was sorrow and despair. I let go and surrendered with every sinking of despair into a deep melancholy that turned into isolation. What I eventually discovered was that the waves of grief were only temporary, followed by a numbness, at first confusing, and then a welcomed respite.

I was desperate for some relief, some way to heal my heart and elevate my soul so that I might connect with my daughter. It was that agony that made me read books, seek out alternative healing, receive a massage, be comforted by Reiki, explore past lives or any spiritual possibility that might bring comfort and eventual healing.

So in retrospect I understand how “Every sinking into despair has within it an energy to move us higher.” It’s our pain that forces us to act—try new things, anything to feel better. In that search, we grow without even realizing it.

My quest, over many years, has taken me to a higher place than I could imagine and has brought me to a deeper connection and a new relationship with my daughter.

May you find relief and comfort on your journey…