The 14th annual COPE Walk on Sunday, September 25th, is a day to honor your loved one and also to connect with family and friends. The day is filled with hugs from others who understand and care.

If you’ve walked with us in the past, you know how meaningful it is to have the support of each other on a day that is dedicated to our children and siblings. If you haven’t walked with us, the Long Beach boardwalk is a beautiful and peaceful setting in which to walk and feel connected to your cherished loved ones.

Creating a “team” for your child or sibling enables friends and family to support you and to remember someone who has touched their lives. For you, this is an opportunity to connect with the people who were important to your child or sibling.

It can be challenging for those closest to you to know how to help. Walking with you gives them an opportunity to express their love and show they care. Even if they are unable to walk with you, they can make a donation to support the organization that has helped and continues to help you.

If joining our 14th annual COPE Walk on Sunday, September 25th, is something that inspires you, visit and follow the easy steps to create a team with precious pictures and inspiring words. Please feel free to contact Stacey for assistance.

The COPE Walk is an event that connects us. Take advantage of this day to let the people in your life show you their love and support.

Enjoy the rest of summer and wishing you a safe Labor Day weekend,


COPE President and Founder

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