There are many powerful sources of strength and one which often resonates with truth is the idea that we are each eternal.  The body of evidence to support this belief is overwhelming, including an impressive array of scientific studies.

What is the benefit of knowing that our souls continue past this physical journey?

With this information, we can comprehend that each soul chooses a physical life to achieve their highly individualized quest.  Although sometimes it is evident what magnificent purpose a person intended to achieve, quite often it is not that easy to figure out.  The important element is that it exists and this wonderful purpose is not finite.  It continues long after a soul separates from the body.

Further, believing in the everlasting nature of the soul allows us to comprehend that our passed loved ones still journey with us and our journey assists theirs and theirs assists ours.  We are never truly separated since love never dies, and souls have a variety of powerful and playful ways to make themselves known to us, to guide and assist us, and to love us.  They believe in us and our resilience. They believe in the power of our soul to seek an understanding and rediscover joy.