Spring has finally arrived; the outside world is full of new life and new color. But for many grievers the promise of spring is difficult to embrace. While others may feel light, joyful and renewed, those experiencing a loss may be deep in the dark trenches of grief, and find it difficult to take part in the celebration of new life. The death of a loved one can feel like the bitter days of winter. You go into hibernation, and turn inside yourself to cope with your pain and sorrow. If you look around and realize you’ve been immersed in your grief for so long that you’ve tuned out everything else, your family, friends, the change of seasons, you might want to start to look around and move a little more outside yourself. Your heart and soul deserve a spring awakening. You can take this time in your grief journey to allow your heart and soul to begin to bud with little shoots of hope: hope that you can recall your loved one’s death, still feel sorrow, but also begin to remember the joys and love of your relationship.