Movement Therapy

Danskinetics, also called “Spirit in Motion™” is a transformative movement experience designed to give the participant unique joy of free body expression through guided movement inspired by exciting, multicultural music. Danskinetics was developed by Kripalu (a world-renowned Yoga Center in Lenox, MA) over a twenty year period.  It draws from the roots of yoga that explores one’s awareness of body and self.  It is a creative and internal approach to fitness and a celebration of inner freedom and self expression.

Danskinetics is relaxing and helps to relieve stress.  For an hour and a half, you are traveling into your own body to see how you move and stretch, which can temporarily take your mind off your grief.  It also connects mind, body and soul, which may allow you to even release some of your grief.  Finding your own breath helps you recoup your own rhythm which you may have lost during your bereavement period.  Sharing movement, breathing, and contact with others who share similar losses can be therapeutic for many who are grieving.