Foundations and Websites

Our children played such an important part in our lives and the lives of others. We dedicate this page to the foundations and organizations our dearly missed children have inspired.

To have information added on your child’s foundation, please contact Adam Rabinovitch, Executive Director of COPE, at

Michelle Julien Memorial Scholarship (U of A)
Encourages students at The University of Arizona to express their passion for screenwriting. Each year, the Media Arts Department awards a student who aspires to be a screenwriter.

Michelle Julien Memorial Scholarship (Half Hollow Hills High School East)
Awarded each year, to a High School Senior for their outstanding writing ability.  A gazebo exudes Michelle’s kind and loving spirit by the lake at Camp Wayne in PA.

Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff Foundation (

Giving life to the lost days.

The Steven Nathaniel Wolkoff Foundation is an opportunity to honor Steve’s name and keep his voice alive by supporting organizations and programs that represent issues that were most important to him.

With passion, sophistication, and an unparalleled ability to add sarcasm into just about every conversation, Steve asked a thousand questions you never thought of, found beauty in the mundane, and fought for the betterment of society. Our mission is to support the diversity of interests that compelled Steve every day of his life especially in the areas of education, music + recreation, and environmental causes.

The Maureen Heaton Foundation – Continuing the legacy of our beautiful Maureen

Here you will learn about Maureen’s life, and can explore our pages to find out the many ways you can help our mission, be it by donating, volunteering or suggesting new and exciting ideas. Maureen was a shining light, unfairly dimmed by cancer.  She will inspire us forever.

The Shana Kay Memorial Foundation
To help qualified graduates of Commack High School with the cost of continuing their education via a scholarship awarded in Shana’s name.

Friends of Kenny Warren
To help the 10,000 children that are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. each year.

The Think First Foundation in Memory of Brian Harley Assa
To help make young adults aware of the consequences of acting without thinking about all possible results. Goal is to educate people on the possible costs of momentary enjoyment (topics include DUI, unprotected sex, drug and alcohol abuse, and playing sports without proper safety equipment).

The Kaeli Kramer Foundation
Commits its resources to promoting the betterment of the lives of people and animals.

The Cantor David Tauber Memorial Fund (At the North Shore Synagogue in Muttontown, NY)
To continue David’s passion for teaching the musical and cultural traditions of Judaism to the students of the religious school, to bring a variety of music to the congregation and to inspire in the congregation a love of Israel.

In Memory of Taylor Matthews,
Tay-Bandz, inc. To raise awareness and fund pediatric cancer research.

The Dr. Julia Zelmanovich Memorial Student Loan Fund (at the New York University School of Medicine)
Helps future doctors pay the ever increasing expenses necessary to obtain a degree in medicine.

Qeb’s Corner: Child Safety Awareness at the Bryant Library, Roslyn, NY,
In honor of Qeb Wazihullah. Funds will educate children and adults about child safety through programs and story hours, create a space in the library dedicated to the topic of child safety issues, and purchase a computer with interactive games and activities around child safety.

The Blakely Russell Kay Endowment Fund and Scholarship Fund in Overland Park, KS.
A scholastic scholarship is awarded each semester to a student based on need, GPA, recommendations, and community service. Awarded to a second or third year student enrolled in the American Sign Language program committed to earning a certification to become an Interpreter of American Sign Language.

The Holly L. Oestreich Retail/Entrepreneurship Endowment Fund at the University of Florida.
At the Warren College of Business Administration’s new retail/entrepreneurship program.

The Gilad Vaday Memorial Fund at the New York Community Trust.
Given to a needy child whose family cannot afford a required medical surgery or treatment.

Jesse R. Radowitz Memorial Scholarship – Molloy College School of Business

Awarded annually to an MBA student with financial need and a commitment to community service and philanthropy.

“Austin’s Place” a memorial to remember Austin Verville
At Heckscher Park in Huntington with a bench and memorial garden. A mural dedicated in Austin’s memory through Splashes of Hope. The Austin Verville Memorial Foundation –

Ava Hecht Safety Pin Earring Award Recognizing Creativity and Generosity of Spirit.
This award and grant is presented annually to a graduating senior at Stuyvesant High School in New York City who exemplifies the wonderful combination of creativity and generosity of spirit.

Love From Heaven ( – Christian Martinisi Memorial Fund Inc.

Our mission is to offer light to those who are in their darkest days after unexpected child loss. The organization provides resources, support and hope to families devastated by child loss. We also award scholarships to memorialize Christian’s love of learning.

Lyla Stern Scholarship
Awarded to a Calhoun High School Senior Student who participated in the Hoof Beats Newspaper and he/she focuses on making this world a better place. This is a yearly scholarship.

Lyla Stern Memorial Walk – L.Y.L.A. = Love Your Life Always.
The walk’s focus is suicide prevention.

Nicole Schiffman Foundation
Mission is to reach out to youth in today’s violent society by raising awareness and giving young adults the programs and means to educate themselves before a violent act becomes suicidal or harms others. Funds after-school programs where kids can channel their energy towards creativity (e.g. photojournalism and journalism) and a scholarship at the Kennedy high school in Merrick, Belmore.

The Nikki Kantor Memorial Scholarship Fund
Aims to carry out Nikki’s belief of being a good student, dedicated dancer and strong role model. The Scholarship will encourage young adult dancers to pursue higher education while being positive role models within their community. In addition, the foundation will strive to assist in educating new drivers on vehicle control in adverse circumstances.

The Josh Link Foundation
Established in 2009 as a living tribute to Joshua David Link, reflecting his legacy of kindness, creativity and love of music. Josh’s compassion and creative spirit will live on and serve as an inspiration to others.
The Josh Link Foundation supports high-quality programs that:

  • Help people with special needs.
  • Support creativity and celebrate individuality.
  • Encourage the next generation to find their passion and give back to others.