“When I lost my son Carmine at the tender age of 29, my world crashed. I thought I would go nuts. I found COPE and this group helped me cope with this unfathomable event. Through all the kind and unfortunate parents that attend these groups, I felt as if I was not alone, or like I was going crazy. I will forever be thankful for COPE.” – MG
“Forever grateful for the opportunity afforded me and my grandchildren when they lost their mother and maternal uncle.” – RJ
“It’s comforting to know that there is a place I can go where other people truly understand my pain.” – BC
“COPE grief support meetings have been my lifesaver at a time when I felt singled out and devastated over the loss of my son. Meeting with other parents going through similar losses has helped me every single day to continue on this journey. Knowing that you are not alone and being able to talk about your feelings is something I will need to do for a very long time.” – SS
“COPE literally saved my life. 6 years ago my son passed away suddenly. No warning. I was desperate for help. 2 years had passed and I was struggling immensely. By the Grace of God I found COPE. I am so grateful to all that work and volunteer at COPE.” – AC


Hi everyone,
Glad to be saying the words – “We’re baaaaaack!”
Camp Erin NYC will look different, not a weekend, but a one day, day camp program that we will pack to the brim with some camp fun and grief activities to start conversation and healing. 
Our volunteers, Jamie and I are ready and eager to be face to face, safely of course, helping to guide our campers on their journey.
Please spread the word about camp. We need to reach more children in need and I know they are out there. My thanks in advance for your help and support.
August 28th
Mohawk Day Camp, White Plains NY
Stay safe and enjoy your moments!
Ann Fuchs

Director, Camp Erin New York City

P: 914-552-6919   

A bereavement camp for children 7-17
“Where Children Learn to Grieve and Heal”

In Loving Memory

Dedicated to our children who have passed, COPE helps us to Connect Our Paths Eternally, sustaining the bonds of love and energy that connect us.

Special Foundations and Websites

COPE shares an important letter from Justin's dad Al

I lost my 19 year old son, Justin, seven years ago.
On June 24, 2014, my world was ripped apart. 
Dear COPE Families and Friends,
Hi. My name is Al Carlo and there are thousands of parents like me who are living their lives torn apart as well. I was desperate for help. Sometimes questioning my life. Why am I here? Why should I stay here? Then I found COPE. COPE is a bereavement and grief support program for parents who have lost a child. 
This next part is important! 
COPE saved my life. 
Click here to read Al’s full letter: Al’s Letter


Founder’s Statement

The COPE Foundation was inspired by a dream.

In 1992, my 20 year-old daughter, Michelle, lost her life tragically in a car accident. In the midst of my grief, she came to me in a dream and said,
” I’m okay, Mommy. You’re the ones who aren’t okay and you need to reach out and help each other.”

I woke with a vision of grieving parents and siblings coming together for emotional support.

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