Cope Line

COPE Line – (516) 364-COPE (2673)

Monday – Thursday, 9am-9pm
Saturday – Sunday, 10am-3pm

The COPE Line is a resource for grieving individuals in need of peer support. While not a crisis or emergency hotline, our COPE Line is committed to providing easy access to support for those navigating their grief journey. 

Our COPE Line Peer Volunteers are bereaved individuals trained to respond to a wide range of emotional responses to grief. Our Volunteers speak to each caller with warmth and compassion and use their own personal experiences with grief and bereavement to provide authentic empathy and validation. They can also provide referrals or recommendations on grief resources or connect you with COPE staff to learn more about programs.

For more information on COPE’s other programs, including our support groups, workshops, events, or Camp Erin NYC, please email

If you are in crisis or experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911, go to your local emergency room, or contact the National Mental Health Hotline by dialing 988.

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