A Prayer for Helping and Healing Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One.

Dec 10, 2014 | Poems & Writings

These are challenging times for my dear friend (relative, etc.)
There may be some difficult days for her (him) along the way.
I want to be there to help.
Please don’t let my own fears get in the way.
Sometimes I may not have the right words to share.
I may feel insecure and not know what to do to help.
Please guide me …let my love for my friend (relative, etc.)
teach me what she (he) needs.
Let me be the friend I want to be.
Let me hear the quiet voice of knowing that will tell me what she (he) needs.
Let my greater self come forward to serve this higher purpose of helping and healing.
May my loving prayers be heard and manifested for healing.
On especially difficult days of birthdays past, graduations or other painful memories
May my love and the love of the Infinite surround, embrace and strengthen my friend (relative, etc.).
May the Healing Light of the Infinite find its way to her (him) and be directed to all the places that need healing
And make them whole and healthy.
May she (he) be surounded with your Protective Healing Light
May your hand rest gently upon her (him) and may she (he) feel your presence
May I, too, know your presence so I can gather the strength I need to be the friend I so want to be.
I open myself to your guidance.
I breathe in trust … goodness … and peace so I may share it with the friend (relative, etc) I love so much.
May she (he) be healed.
May her (his) family be healed.
May her (his)family receive the gift of peacefullness and wholeness.
May my friend (relative, etc.)be free of pain and suffering.
May my friend (relative, etc.) recover fully through your mercy, grace and kindness.
May the memory of the child they love so dearly come without pain and suffering.
May your blessings find us in this higher place of love and sharing.
And heal us.