Camp Erin NYC 2018 Update

Oct 15, 2018 | COPE Contributors

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Hi Camp Erin Family!
Well, I blinked, and POOF the weekend was over. Summer number seven in the books!
First and foremost, Jamie and I want to thank our many donors for making this weekend possible, our volunteers for executing Lil’s vision of hope and healing for grieving children and The COPE Foundation for your support and committment to Camp Erin NYC. 
There are many moving pieces during the weekend- Admin setting it all up throughout , bunk buddies listening, supporting and managing the group, grief chiefs guiding the campers so they can see a speck of light in the darkness, specialists providing fun and new skills to help them in their journey and the medical staff keeping us safe. Each one of us makes a difference for all of us!
Although a smaller group this year, the impact was still evident. Those that didn’t share, listened, those that didn’t listen, observed. At some moment in time, whether it’s in a week or a year, a word, a thought or strategy will come to mind to help these children navigate through their grief.
Due to the overwhelming support from family, friends and community, Camp Erin NYC was able to offer an amazing weekend enabling campers to share, comfort, bond, have fun and learn with other children on the same journey.
Here are some Camper thoughts that Should warm your heart……….
Camp Erin has helped me in so many ways…..gave me ways to open up.
Before I came to camp I thought I was fine, but realized after talking and listening to myself, I realized I am just different, don’t think the same way, but thats OK – part of the point of Camp Erin….. Counselors were kind, funny, friendly, supportive and ALL UNIQUE!
Camp Erin gave me one of the best weekends of my life. It helped me deal with my grief and be with great guys. Camp Erin will always be in my memory for ever.
It helped me be a little happy.
It helped me get over some sadness.
It felt amazing. I never thought camp would help me.
It helped me express my feelings to others . Hearing their stories made me feel not alone.
I finally feel like I fit in.
It helped get all my thoughts out and help me with my loss.
It helped me open up and make friends who understand. I learned how to cope.
Camp Erin helped me to be fearless. Over the weekend I conquered so many of my fears- going in lakes, talking to new people and being open about my grief. I have become more adventurous and outgoing and have learned how to cope with grief.
Camp Erin has been such an incredible experience. I would not trade this weekend for anything. Camp has helped me understand my grief and deal with it. The camp has given me friends that I will keep for my entire life. I have been supported and loved. I will truly miss camp
Ann and Jamie
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Ann Fuchs
 Director, Camp Erin New York City
A bereavement camp for children 6-17
“Where Children Learn to Grieve and Heal”