COPE Healing Tip June 2018

May 26, 2018 | Healing Tip

Vulnerability Can Be An Act of Courage
By Clinical Director, Michelle Graff   


Grief is an experience that creates a feeling of vulnerability.

Brene Brown, famous author, Social Worker, TED talker and professor explains that vulnerability is experienced when you are emotionally exposed, taking a risk or facing uncertainty. It’s the feeling that you get when something feels so horrible inside that you just want to run from it. And yet, in grief work you are asked to do the very opposite; face the feelings, run to the pain and intentionally immerse yourself in the excruciating reality of your loss. Learning how to navigate this vulnerability can be a challenge but is an extreme act of courage. Whether or not you feel courageous, you are! And each time you ride that wave of feelings, you are taking the next step along the journey of growing around your grief. Know that when you are feeling vulnerable and maybe like you have nothing left, that you are actually being incredibly courageous, and allow that feeling to fill you up.