Eric Preto 3/15/87 – 11/24/18

Mar 12, 2019 | Parent Column

Eric Preto 3/15/87 – 11/24/18
From Denise Preto 
Eric Vincent Preto E.V.P.

31 years. I was blessed with 31 years. 

I can still remember the day my son was born like it happened yesterday. After going to the hospital twice with false alarms, the contractions started to become more regular on Sunday morning March 15, 1987. I told my husband it was time. He said “Well Dee, what if it’s another false alarm? I just sat down to have my bagel and read the sports page, the baby is going to have to wait! “. I patiently waited on the couch.

Finally, we got into the car and drove to the hospital. The contractions were coming fast and furious. I got out of the car and dropped to my knees. I could feel the pressure. The baby was coming. Someone in the emergency room saw me and ran out with a wheel chair to get me into the emergency room because I could not walk! Upon examination, they told me I was 8 centimeters dilated. No time for drugs, the baby was about to be born! The love of my life, my only son, was born at 2:05 pm on March 15, 1987.

It has been said that the dates on a headstone are not what matter. What matters is the life in between. The time between birth and death. The life in between 3/15/87 and !!/24/18, my son’s life was filled with joy. He was such a funny little boy who loved his ninja turtles and power rangers. As he got older he loved hockey, baseball and basketball. I treasure all those memories of watching him play, driving him to and from practice. At the time, I dreaded those early spring baseball games. It was often freezing, and I sat there shivering with pride! I wish I could go back and appreciate them more!

I’ll never forget the day we dropped him off at college. I came home and laid on his bed and cried my eyes out! Soon after completing his master’s degree in accounting he sat for the CPA exam. He passed it on his first try…just like his dad! Eric and his Dad worked alongside each other for 8 years, doing something they both loved. It had bonded them forever.

The pride and the love spilled out of me like a river. I got watch him marry the girl of his dreams. Just as I thought I couldn’t be more proud of my son he blessed me with a grandson. Joseph (or Joey as he likes to be called) reminds me so much of Eric that sometimes when I look at him my heart aches. Other times, my heart is filled with joy as I realize how much Eric lives on in Joey. A new baby is coming in June, the last piece of Eric we have left to cherish. Emma Valentina Preto, E.V.P. I feel overwhelming sadness when I think of what she will miss. My son, my beautiful son was such a great father. She will never know him in the physical sense, but I plan on telling her how wonderful he was and Emma will always know how much her father loved her.

31 years. The life in between 3-15-87 and 11-24-18. 31 years of love, happiness, laughter, pride.

My grief and the immense loss will be with me until I die. So will the memories and my never-ending love for my beautiful son Eric Vincent Preto. E.V.P. 31.