Doing End of Life Right with End-of-Life Doula, Susan Capurso

Doing End of Life Right with End-of-Life Doula, Susan Capurso


Jun 26 2022


8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Long Island’s End-of-Life Doula, Susan Capurso, invites you to attend an informative presentation about a growing movement in end of life care. Our baby boomer population has grown immensely in the past decade and will continue to expand as time goes on. With the number of seniors on the rise, it’s important for us all to be there for one another during this last milestone in life.

Susan will share tools, tips and ideas that an End-of-Life Doula brings to a terminal patient and their families. Susan covers the three stages of an end of life journey. The Shock Phase, The Stabilization Phase, and the Transition Phase.

End of Life Doulas bring guidance and strength at a time of need in a family’s life. By learning and understanding the key components of a person’s timeline, the less fear and anxiety a family will feel. In other countries, most cultures celebrate the end of life. In the United States, we fear it. This can change.

By learning some of the tools and techniques, that you too… can bring into a person’s life, you can help to unfold the most peaceful, graceful, and loving experience for everyone.

Susan will also share her specialty with you, creative legacy work. Whether she’s working with a patient who’s been given a terminal diagnosis or a baby boomer looking to share their stories and memories for future generations, she will give you ideas to explore that will enable you to leave your thumbprint in history for generations to come. These ideas can be implemented in your life or to share with friends or loved ones to help them come full circle.

Please join us for a powerful presentation that will unfold the mystery around the end of life. This time doesn’t need to be scary, this is only fear of the unknown. With a bit of planning and mindfulness, a beautiful experience can occur, before, during, and after the end of life.

To learn is to know, to know is to grow. Bring your open mind and share in a profound conversation that everyone of us can learn from. There will be time for Q&A following the presentation.

As Susan says, “To share an end of life experience with another is an honor and a privilege. Learning how to serve one another in this capacity is a blessing for each and every one of us.”

For more information about Susan and her contact information, visit here

WHEN: Tuesday, July 26, 7-8 PM

Free to attend, register today HERE

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