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Feb 15 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Healing Through Music: The Soundtrack to Your Life

We all have a soundtrack that marks the many chapters and snapshots of our life experiences. Music can be like a time machine transporting us back to those places we’ve lived, relationships, vacations, car rides, and various adventures. This workshop is a musical reflection of your stories and the role music played in those moments. There is also a listening relaxation/wellness portion where Josh will play live soundscapes as you work, listen, and write.

Where: Zoom – A secure Zoom link will be provided to registrants in the days leading up to the event

Date: Tuesday, February 15

Time: 7 – 8 PM

Interested? RSVP and register HERE

Free to attend. Donations to the COPE foundation greatly appreciated. Donate HERE


More info about Josh and his work can be found at www.joshrobinsondrums.com and sound samples available at: https://youtu.be/EtFy3jG0gp8 https://youtu.be/YBRysUvqLL4


The information shared in this program is not intended to act as a substitute for any legal and mental health advice concerning individual situations; neither COPE, its Board of Directors, staff and personnel shall be responsible for any outcomes arising form any information or exercises provided in this program.

The event is finished.