Restorative Yoga for Grief and Loss with Danaelle Rodriguez

Restorative Yoga for Grief and Loss with Danaelle Rodriguez


Apr 12 2022


7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

About this event

Restorative Yoga for Grief and Loss is a safe space facilitated by connection-based language to gain greater awareness around emotions, acceptance, pain, and suffering to reconnect back to love. The hour-long class will focus on mindful movement, grounding postures, breath, and sound to release loss. Allowing participants, in their own time, to re-connect with themselves, process grief, and open their hearts and minds to transformative healing.

“Little by little, we let go of loss… but never of love” -Unknown

Preparing your space:

Make sure you have plenty of room to move and plenty of silence to reflect. I recommend having a blanket, pillow, yoga block, and eye mask handy to enhance/support your postures. We will be moving at a restorative yoga pace, so feel free to have calming items nearby such as tea, candles or memorable items that bring you comfort.

When: April 12, 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Where: Online via Zoom

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This event is free to attend. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and go toward helping grieving families and allowing us to continue providing workshops free of charge.


The information shared in this program is not intended to act as a substitute for any legal and mental health advice concerning individual situations; neither COPE, its Board of Directors, staff and personnel shall be responsible for any outcomes arising form any information or exercises provided in this program.