Giving Back from COPE

Dec 14, 2020 | Parent Column

So many families at COPE have lost children and siblings, and the holidays are always so difficult for people. Many of the siblings in my group have talked about how their parents ‘canceled’ Christmas after their loss.

So many families on Long Island are in need – they may not cancel Christmas but the priority is a roof over their heads and food on their tables. Kids can’t understand that, and they shouldn’t have to.

This year has been especially hard on so many families, regardless of any existing socio-economic factors;  as much as it has sucked for each of us, there is always someone out there who has had a harder time than I have had, than you have had, than all of us have had. I know that is hard to remember in the blur of life, but it’s true (as cliche as it is, and I hate cliches).

COPE’s mission is to help parents and families living with the loss of a child. COPE is more than an organization – more than the staff, the Board, the volunteers and donors.

We’re individuals – so what’s OUR mission?

I know individuals don’t need to have missions (actually, I think everyone should have a mission but I meant it’s not required in order to be a person), but we’re individuals who have been supported and guided by complete strangers during a time in our lives when we needed that most.

And wouldn’t it just be so great to support someone else, a complete stranger, during a time in their life when they may need it most?

– Jen Schwartz, COPE Ambassador

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