Healing Tip – March 2024

Feb 22, 2024 | Healing Tip

March is Social Worker Appreciation Month and has Creative Arts Therapy Appreciation Week!

And shoutout to Play Therapy Awareness Week in February, Counseling Awareness Month in April, and Mental Health Awareness Month in May!

And that’s just naming the weeks and months dedicated to the professions of our staff, but there are many more. Basically, it is always the right time to thank our mental health professionals for the important work they do!

We particularly wish to recognize and appreciate COPE’s incredible clinicians for the meaningful and impactful support, care, guidance, and education they provide every day. We appreciate their commitment to and unwavering support of our community.

I am continually inspired and humbled by the knowledge and compassion of our clinicians. With different backgrounds, careers, personal experiences, and professional pursuits they bring so much to our team.

Our support groups would not be the same without their ability to hold space, build authentic connections with their group participants, and find the right balance between guiding and educating while also stepping back and letting the group process unfold. Group support is so unique because of the validation, normalization, community, and camaraderie one receives from being with peers who have had similar experiences. Adding a skilled clinician to the peer group enhances the conversation, education, and healing that is possible.

In addition, our Camp Erin NYC, Parent/Caregiver Retreat, workshops, community-based support programs, and grief education offerings are shaped through our clinicians’ expertise, insight, and true passion for supporting grieving individuals and families and ensuring no one has to grieve alone.

They are all a huge part of what makes COPE’s community special:

Marilyn Kohn, LMSW

Janet Zimmerman, LCSW-R

Mary Ann Stein, LMSW

Michelle Graff, LCSW

Lauren Jukofsky, LCSW

Rashida Sanchez, MA, LMSW, FT

Rhonda Ryan, LCSW

Barbara Goldstein, LCSW

Carly Bergstein, LMSW

Lorraine Kransdorf, LCSW-R

Jane Bishow-Semevolos, LCAT

Stephanie Heitkemper, PhD, LPC, RPT-S, FT

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this work possible.