Parent Column – September 2019

Sep 4, 2019 | Parent Column

A Poem from Cris Camplin to her Son Bobby
So today (8/14/19) is my son Bobby’s angeldate. 18 years have gone by. 
…without you the earth rotates…the moon is full and glows…the shooting stars twinkle…the clouds float…the sun warms my heart…the breeze cools…the rain falls…the grass grows…the seeds root…the flowers bloom…the eagle flys…the river flows…the tides change…the oceans crash…the poets dream…the children play…the babies cry…the crowds roar…the ears hear…the pulse beats…the eyes gaze..the lungs breathe..the mind churns…the heart yearns…the tears dry…the days renew
Without you, life goes on I look at your picture to spend time together! Without you, I look forward to dreams of visitation Without you, I stay connected through heartstrings Thoughts, feelings, emotions of gratitude fill my heart with this radiating loVe….You my son are mine for all eternity!!!And I love you foreverAnd I changed my story….I am not without you!!!Today and everyday I celebrate your lifeI am filled with the pleasure of being your mother!!!And that will never change…. My son…. I love you so…. and I am never without you!!!

From Paula Bruckner
This September 6th will mark the 13th year of the date that changed my family life forevermore. It is the date that our beloved Adam Daniel died. He died alone (?) in his car in East New York from an overdose. We don’t know if he was alone because there was zero drugs or drug paraphanelia in his car suggesting that he was not alone. I detest the fact that probably someone left him to die. He was in a McDonald’s parking lot and too many hours passed before it was reported and the ability to save his life was gone. I will never know the truth & it is one of the many sorrows I carry within my broken heart.
Because of Adam’s addiction and the way he died, I committed my life to addiction awareness. Too many people do not understand that it is a disease and if it does not directly affect them it is of no interest to them. When I lived on Long Island I gave talks to concerned friends and families of those struggling to help their addicted loved ones through the County Narcan training.
A few years later we retired and have tried to make a fresh start in Florida. Away from my old neighborhood where everywhere I turned there was a reminder of Adam and what was left of our once intact family.
Sadly there is a major addiction problem in Florida and there is no organized places to go and advocate for NARCAN. So I do whatever I can to erase the stigma of addiction and talk about my family, how we all were affected by this disease and what we have done since to keep our remaining family intact. My hope is that by being so very open about the addiction crisis that it will open up peoples minds not to feel alone & ashamed.
I also want people to remember Adam, the 24 short years that we physically had him in our lives, not just the addiction.
It is not uncommon for addiction to run in families, my daughter is an addict and has been in & out of the legal system, rehabs, etc. Her name is Kaitlin and if you could all send a positive thought to the universe on behalf of her I would greatly appreciate it.
For all my brothers & sisters in grief I wish you signs from your loved ones and peace.
– Paula Bruckner

Our loving son Kenneth
This was a letter written to our first grandchild Kelsey, who was named after her Uncle Kenneth. 
I thought now was the appropriate time to tell you a little something about the person for whom your Mom & Dad have chosen to name you after. He was born April 29, 1964, three years before your Dad, & although we had another name in mind for him, your Great Grandmother Adele (my Mom) suggested the name Kenneth. And so Kenneth Michael Lacks was born. It’s hard to put ones thoughts & memories into a letter, but I will try to do him justice. It was not long after he was able to walk & talk, it was obvious to all that Kenneth was a very special child, very curious, quick to learn, but also very, very gentle & loving. As he grew into a young adult he developed a great zest for life & a wonderful sense of humor. He was a very talented piano player, artist, & an excellent swimmer. He also had a love for the arts & sciences. As soon as he was old enough he began to travel the world, non-stop, displaying that zest for life. If it was high enough for him to climb, he would climb it. If it was a long enough distance to run, he’d run it. If there was a challenge to be met, he embraced it with gusto. When I asked him why, he said he loved to challenge himself just to see if he could do it. Kenneth was successful at everything he aspired to do & and I was always in awe of him. It was no surprise when he announced me, not only did he want to become a dentist, but wanted nothing less than to get into Columbia Dental School & vie for one of only four seats available. The rest is history, he not only became Dr. Kenneth Michael Lacks, but he did it at school of his choice & with honors! He was & will always be a very special person in our lives, & so it is with great pride & love that you be given this special gift of being named after your Uncle Kenneth. 
Grandma & Grandpa Gail & Chuck Lacks

From Martha Guarini
On September 3rd the most precious boy was born, you brought us so much joy, I miss your laughter, your love, your awesome heart. I could never imagine how much having a child can be so magical. I miss your Hugs, your texts, seeing you around the neighborhood. The unthinkable happened, my life has changed forever, but our memories is what keeps me going. I imagine you being here, being a big brother to your brother and sister. I know you are with us, watching us. Until we meet again️ Love u to the Heaven and back.
I love u Mom

FROM JENNIFER WEBB I lost my brother to cancer almost 2 years ago. Every single day, I think about how much I miss his sarcastic comments, his quick witted insults, his fierce loyalty and his infectious cackle. I could go on and on…
With his anniversary coming up, I wanted to try to find a way to honor Tommy. So; on September 28th, I will be running a 10k in Tommy’s honor. I will be fundraising for a beautiful charity; Sunrise Walks. Sunrise Walks provides an opportunity for children with cancer; as well as their siblings, to enjoy summer camp for the summer. When Tommy was sick, he couldn’t fathom a child having to live with this disease; and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the organization that he would want me to fundraise for. 
I know we all see these donation pages every day and we are busy. But please, it takes literally less than 5 minutes. Please help me to keep my brothers memory alive & give these brave little warriors an opportunity to just be kids for a summer. Thank you all in advance for opening your wallets (wide) .
P.S. As I am running, I will be thinking about a very special little girl in our community whom is fighting this disgusting illness right now. Mighty M- we love you and we are fighting with you!!! You got this girl!!!!! ️
Here is the link:
– Jennifer Webb