Parents’ Columns – September 2023

Aug 9, 2023 | Parent Column

Andrew Michael Levinson

9/16/87 – 9/17/15

For Our Andrew –

Life was never as expected. We couldn’t have imagined Muscular Dystrophy would be part of our son’s life, but at the start, there it was. And yet, the limitations of his diagnosis would not dissuade him from pursuing his ambitions. He, with his many physical challenges was rarely discouraged. He strived and succeeded in a number of academic arenas, amassing many accolades. All of his endeavors culminated with a Fulbright Fellowship and study at York University in Toronto, Canada. 

In times of struggle, he never lost his spark, kindness or his joy. He made us better people. He helped us to understand that life is a gift, and that each day is an opportunity. 

We miss you every second, every minute of every hour, every day.

– Wendy Levinson

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Our Loving son Kenneth Lacks

They say that time is a healer

But as the time goes on,

I seem to find it just as hard

To face the fact you’ve gone.

You’ll never be forgotten

And every day I shed a tear,

But it’s only because I love you

And wish you were still here




Love forever & Always 

Chuck & Gail Lacks

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