Remembering with Love & Connection…

Sep 11, 2019 | COPE Contributors

From Lilly Julien –

Today I’m remembering my friend, my soul sister, Bonnie. She lost her son Scotty in 9/11. Scotty was a friend of my three children. Bonnie was a friend to me. She was there under my bedroom window screaming up to me to get out of bed every morning after my daughter Michelle passed. She walked the boardwalk with me and listened as I spoke about signs and messages from Michelle and never judged me. 

Eight years later, in 2000, our husbands passed on the same day. We were glued at the hip trying to navigate through our pain. We shared our signs and messages and felt hope in something we could not see. 

A year later, her son, Scotty, lost his life on 9/11. Our families and friends were devastated. I didn’t leave Bonnie’s side. I slept each night in her bed. But what I remember above all else is how over and over she described to people how her husband, Steve, just reached out and took Scotty’s hand. She felt that beyond a shadow of doubt. 

In 2010, Bonnie lost her life suddenly in a freak accident just days before Scotty’s birthday at the end of September. 

Bonnie epitomized COPE and how we are there for each other. Everyone who was lucky enough to know her knows she was larger-than-life. I often think that Bonnie has all the answers now. I only wish she could speak to us from the other side of here.