March 2017

Apr 28, 2017 | Parent Column

 I was introduced to a golden retriever close to my sons first anniversary. He was so comforting. I asked the owner where she got her dog and she gave me the breeder’s name. She had a waiting list and I did not hear from her for 2 1/2 years to ask if I was still interested.  My son’s name was Danny. I always referred to him as Danny Boy. The breeder included pictures of the mom and dad. Well the mother’s name was Danny Girl and that surprised me, but as I kept reading, I saw the pups were born May 16, which happens to be my birthday. I felt as if it was a sign from him. I knew that moment that one of those pups was ours. My son always was asking me for a big dog. My daughter was bit in the face by a golden and my grandson was petrified of dogs. I told my daughter and she agreed she thought it was a sign. My daughter now owns her and calls her her third child. Her son is in love with her. I believe with all my heart that Danny wanted them to have this beautiful dog.  Her name is Molly. When I visit I always say to her, “How is Danny’s girl?”


Nancy MacDougall

Proud mother of Daniel MacDougall