February 2018

Jan 29, 2018 | Parent Column

A Mother Left Behind

By Kalia Loper

Parent Column FebruaryAfter my daughter, Nayyira, lost her life in November 2012 due to an automobile accident, I was crushed. Although I was surrounded by family and friends who encouraged me and made sincere efforts to comfort me, I simply felt inconsolable.

I started to write exactly how I was feeling in a blog dedicated to my daughter and I found a sense of comfort in it. The freedom to express my feelings without judgment is what helped my heart to heal.

I completed the blog on January 25th 2017, which would have been my daughter’s 23rd birthday. I decided to compile and publish my writings with the hope that other parents who are walking through this forest of child loss can know that they are not walking alone. I also wrote with the hope that someone who loves a parent who is going through child loss can gain some perspective of the possibilities of emotion and hurt that need a safe place to be felt and expressed.

For information about the book please click here.