February 2018

Jan 30, 2018 | COPE Contributors

Dear COPE Families,
The last time I was in Arizona was 1991, three months before my daughter, Michelle, passed on Jan 25 in 1992. She had been attending the University of Arizona and met me at the airport. I have resisted returning since.
Synchronicity prompted my return. I received a wedding invitation from a favorite cousin whose daughter was getting married on Jan 20th in Scottsdale, AZ. I felt a need to go the distance for this cousin who was really there for me after the loss of my daughter and husband. He had a close relationship with both of them and had some powerful signs from my daughter after her passing.
I set an intention to make peace with the land that Michelle loved—the mountains, the air, the sky and the sunsets. I made plans to see healers to help me make peace with the land that took my daughter.
All my plans could not have prepared me for the flood of memories that engulfed me as I landed. I realized in that moment that I not only came to make peace with the land, I needed to make peace with me.
Wishing you greater peace on your journeys,
COPE President and Founder