A Mother’s Letter to God

Dec 10, 2014 | Poems & Writings

Dear God:

I don’t have your exact address to mail my letter so I am simply asking you to please take care of my daughter Bari Lynn Swedlow – Hebrew name Bat Ami. She just entered your new world…You will recognize her wearing a red Mickey & Minnie tee shirt, surrounded by stuffed animals and has a colorful pillow as if a halo placed at her head. Her face is tranquil and beautiful…Her greenish/blue eyes will have a special twinkle…Her smile genuine…Her lips pink and perfect…Her skin silk and supple to the touch.

You will know who she is because my daughter will be the one to be so helpful with the aged and the indigent. She will make the blue sky bluer and the stars more radiant and bring more smiles to everyone on the other side.

God please make sure that my daughter Bari is in a safe and peaceful place with no fears and no pain. If you are good to her she will make your burdens lighter by being your little helper. One day she’ll probably invite you for her special Chicken Parmigiana dinner.

I must be honest in revealing that I have not been one of your biggest believers, but now that things have changed I ask you to look out for my daughter. Don’t let her slip by as just another one passing through… She’s so very special, caring, loveable and true and if she is in your other world watch over her with gratitude and love.

Please do your Godly job well in making sure she’s properly placed, secure and happy…higher up… in a good spot…in a place you call Heaven.

Her mother