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I lost my 19 year old son, Justin, seven years ago.
On June 24, 2014, my world was ripped apart. 
Dear COPE Families and Friends,
Hi. My name is Al Carlo and there are thousands of parents like me who are living their lives torn apart as well. I was desperate for help. Sometimes questioning my life. Why am I here? Why should I stay here? Then I found COPE. COPE is a bereavement and grief support program for parents who have lost a child.  
This next part is important! 
COPE saved my life. 
Everyone who knew my son Justin and me had said so many times, “what can I do?” Or, “Anything you need – I got you.”
So I am asking for some help now.
My group is a nonprofit organization and thrives solely on donations. I ask of you, please, if you are able, to donate to this extremely important cause. I believe that without COPE there would be more tragedies. 
Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated and may save another parent or sibling. After you have donated,  please pass this on to everyone you know on social media. FB. Twitter. Instagram. Have your friends pass this on to their friends. This is so very important to us. 
So please – just for a second – imagine if you lost what we’ve lost. Incredibly sad and devastating. Losing a child wipes out the family. 
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